"Fishing Companion" by Sandy Nelson is on the cover of Wilmington Living Magazine

The July issue of WLM features one of our paintings.  Thanks to Frank Hart, photographer and Michael Kerr, editor of WLM.

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Marty Allran new Vessels and Bowls

Just in from clay artist Marty Allran, new vessels and bowls that express her sensitivity to form.  Check them out on her artist's page!

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Great new paintings just in from MT Mc Clanahan

Marcus Mc Clanahan's evolution as a painter has been a joy to watch.  His thoughtful and meditative approach to the creation of a work and his expressive brushwork give his paintings vitality and movement. Overlapping and sometimes transparent color merge into luminosity from a distance, making the painting vibrate in the way of the French Impressionists.  Here are a couple of the new ones...........enjoy!

"Haven's Wharf" acrylic on gallery wrap canvas, 42x42

"Scattering Light" acrylic on canvas 36x36

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Commissioned Art and Why You Should do That!



We see it every week.......people wandering by walls of paintings...looking...looking...looking and not finding!  Sometimes they have been trying to find the perfect piece of art for 3 or 4 years, all the while staring at that blank wall in their house.  Most people know that they won't run across a portrait of themselves or their children and to own that, it would have to be a commission.  But they never think about commissioning a landscape, still life or other types of subject.  Instead of waiting to find the perfect painting with the right colors and subject...........a commission can solve all that in no time! Here are some examples of commissioned paintings by Sandy Nelson.


Goodson Commission                                      Shelburne Commission                               Hargrove Commission




Well....the first thing is to do your research.  You accomplish this by visiting galleries or artist's  online websites to find the work and style you are drawn to.  Next....contact the gallery or artist to see if they do commissioned work (not everyone does!) and ask for a price list.  Finally, know what you want!  Artists aren't mind readers, so you will have to have reference materials such as photos, color samples from the room where the painting will hang and the certainty that you really want this painting.  Meet the artist and go over what you want the piece to look like....there will lots of questions/answers on both sides of this conversation.  Once you arrive at a consensus, you will be expected to pay 1/2-1/3 deposit for the commission to begin.  Artists don't start work for free and your project will take them away from doing their personal work.  The artist should be willing to send you sketches and "in progress" photos as the painting moves along.........this will help both of you!  Lastly, communicate! Be reasonable if the final product doesn't measure up to your expectations totally....after all, the artist is trying very hard to make you happy, but words mean different things to different people.  99% of the time, this is a very rewarding and personal way to fill that blank wall with something you love, but you also had a hand in its creation!!




 Sometimes a portrait and meaningful story behind it says a lot about the subject.  This commission of an adorable young lady and her horse tells you much about her.............

                                                                                Smith Commission 30x40 Oil on linen


Nelson Gallery has several artists who execute commissions...........so if you can't find the perfect painting, consider having it done just for you!

Call or email us for details!






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